American Modern Orchestra: admission numbers

*If you are a composer, please disregard this information. Information for how large you may write for the AMO can be found in the Composers Corner. This information is only for those in the instrumentalist application process.

Although the institute will accept enough instrumentalists each summer to fill out a standard, large-sized orchestra, each season will be slightly different, depending on the programmed repertoire. For example, we may need more than one flutist to double piccolo, in which case, we will communicate with those accepted into the summer festival.

The following list serves as a general guideline for how many instrumentalists will be accepted into the program:
*Please note that some sections may have auxiliary instruments, all flutist should own a piccolo, but other auxiliary instruments are not required.)

Up to 4 Flutes (auxiliary instruments that may be required: Piccolo & Alto Flute)
Up to 4 Oboes (auxiliary instruments that may be required: English Horn)
Up to 4 Clarinets (auxiliary instruments that may be required: E-flat Clarinet, Bass Clarinet)
Up to 4 Bassoons (auxiliary instruments that may be required: Contrabassoon)
Up to 6 French Horns
Up to 4 Trumpets
Up to 4 Trombones (including Bass Trombone)
Up to 2 Tubas
Up to 4 Percussionists*
2 Keyboards (mostly piano, may double synthesizer, provided by the festival)
Up to 2 Harps
Up to 24 Violins
Up to 10 Violas
Up to 8 Cellos
Up to 5 Basses

*Percussionists will be expected to play all standard instruments found in a classical orchestra, although parts may be divided as necessary at the festival.