Chamber Concerts Sign-Ups


Anyone who is attending MMF (participants, faculty, staff) may apply to perform on a chamber concert. Submitted works must have performers in place who have agreed to perform the work you submit. Works only need to be submitted once. Chamber concerts are optional: performers are not required to do this but we welcome everyone to do so! Priority will be given to modern repertoire that we feel will enrich the institute experience for everyone.

Priority will be given in the following order:

  1. Participants and faculty combined
  2. Participants, no faculty
  3. Faculty, no participants

The following factors will figure into whether a work is chosen or not:

  1. If the work is by a living composer.
  2. Contemporary works receive top priority. Works composed before the 20th century may be submitted, but are less likely to be chosen.
  3. Whether the work can be effectively performed and logistics of the piece(s). 

Instrumentation: chamber works only. Solos up to 8 performers possible. There are two pianos available. Percussion may be used, but works with large set-ups will not be possible.

Duration: ca. 3-15 minutes long, although longer or shorter works may be submitted.

Decisions will be made by 8am on the Thursday of the first week and will be posted online.

Rehearsals: performers are responsible for scheduling their own rehearsals. Official rehearsals and lessons with faculty take priority over any chamber rehearsals. Works should be able to be performed at a high level with limited rehearsal time, ca. 3 rehearsals and a dress.

You are not allowed to add a performer’s name to your submission form without the performer's permission.

Submit a single request. Requests for the same work should not be submitted multiple times by different performers. I.e., if a performer knows he or she is already being listed by someone else in their request, that performer should not also request it.

Performers should only allow themselves to be listed in up to three works, including the one he/she submits.

Performers are required to provide their own sheet music for these performances.

Faculty are under no obligation to coach chamber works, although may do so as time allows.

Performing in chamber works should not impede on a performer’s ability to successfully perform works that are part of the official MMF schedule.

The two chamber concerts are free admission and open to all Mostly Modern Festival attendees.

Deadline: May 18