Festival Ensembles


The American Modern Orchestra (AMO) is the house orchestra for the Mostly Modern Festival, and had its inaugural season in 2018. AMO’s primary mission is to “turn traditional programming on its head,” primarily performing works by living composers who are in attendance at the Festival and Institute, with an occasional foray into the past, although usually only programming works composed from the 20th century onward.

Each summer, AMO is led by conductors who champion new music, with the addition of the conducting participants, who lead rehearsals, performances, and conduct readings of brand-new works by the composing participants. The AMO artist roster consists of our Artist Faculty performing side-by-side with exceptional musicians from around the world who audition for spots in the orchestra.

Future plans may include making professional recordings of composers' works on the American Modern Recordings label and performances in New York City and beyond.

Devoting a program to Minimalist and microtonal compositions could easily amount to an egghead agenda; leave it to the American Modern Ensemble to make it a party instead.
— The New York Times

Founded in 2005, American Modern Ensemble (AME) is marking its 14th season in 2018. AME spotlights American music via lively thematic programming, performing the widest possible repertoire, particularly by living composers. AME is a dynamic, creative force in the modern music scene. Robert Paterson serves as artistic director as well as house composer, and Victoria is Executive Director as well as one of the violinists on the roster. With a world-class ensemble made up of NYC’s finest, AME is “simply ‘first-rate” (The New York Times). AME has performed works by over 150 living composers in venues ranging from Lincoln Center to National Sawdust, and has "consistently demonstrated a flair for inventive programming" (Steve Smith, Time Out New York). AME programs both cutting edge and traditional works, presenting unique, engaging events that encourage dialogue between artists and audiences. Sold out crowds are a winning testament to their tremendous fan base and ever expanding popularity. The Mostly Modern Festival is the summer home for AME.  AME presents programs using a robust combination of instrumentalists, vocalists, and conductors. For more information, visit the American Modern Ensemble site.