Program Book Ad Placements

Each season our festival distributes over 2,000 glossy Playbill-style programs and utilizes a mobile phone app that includes the concerts and all festival information. There will be over 120 festival attendees and over 1,000 patrons at our festival each summer who will be eager to frequent local businesses and take advantage of everything Saratoga Springs has to offer. This is prime real estate for your business to promote and get more customers! Our directors and staff will also promote your business to everyone who asks for recommendations, and occasionally verbally during our shows.

For more information, Contact Victoria Paterson or call 917-941-1493.

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The message is clear: a vibrant arts community not only keeps residents and their discretionary spending close to home, it also attracts visitors who spend money and helps local businesses thrive.
— Arts & Economic Prosperity V Report, Americans for the Arts

More about Arts Patrons...

Patrons of the performing arts are loyal, appreciative, and discerning, which is why so many brands covet the chance to build a relationship with them. Great advertising placed in a performing arts program book can differentiate your brand from your competition and set the stage for building a lasting relationship with a powerful group of consumers.

  • 61% of patrons are more likely to purchase from companies that are friends of the arts.
  • 50% of patrons feel good about doing business with performing arts advertisers and 39% remember their logo.
  • 69% of patrons think highly of companies that are friends of the arts.
  • 96% of patrons take the program book home and feel it’s an important part of their experience.

Ad Specs

  • Includes print, online and digital versions.
  • Full page, 1/2 page (vertical or horizontal) or 1/4 page (vertical or horizontal).
  • Inside back, inside front or facing inside front covers available, subject to availability.
  • Color or black and white ads available.
  • Ads should be submitted in 300 dpi, PDF format.
  • Please make sure your ads are print ready. Additional work that needs to be done may cause additional costs to your organization.

Artwork deadline is Monday, April 16, 2018.

Email artwork to