Sean McClowry, Bass

 Photo: Jim Graham

Sean McClowry is a composer, producer, songwriter and bassist who is an Assistant Professor of Music Industry Studies at the College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY. As a composer, Sean writes music that often explores sentiments that are difficult to express using words, such as prayer or the nature of the Trinity. He is currently working on a CD of his compositions for double bass that will be released sometime this year. Equally active in popular music, Sean is a singer and multi-instrumentalist interested in recording and performing songs that combine his work as a classical musician in creative ways. Sean also works as a producer for singer/songwriters, bands, and classical musicians. Sean was awarded the Harvey Fellowship in 2007 while he was working on his PhD in Composition at Princeton University, which he completed in 2012. His doctoral dissertation is titled: The Song of the Convert: Religious Conversion and its Impact on the Creation of Music. Go to for music recordings and detailed biographical information. He is currently serving as chair of the the Harvey Fellows Advisory Board.