WHy is mostly modern the place to learn about new music?

+ I have no contemporary music experience. Can I Apply?

Of course! All experience levels are welcome. Mostly Modern encourages everyone to apply and learn about new music from our performance faculty and living composers. Our faculty are here to facilitate your success in any stage of new music study.

+ What skills can I expect to gain from a new music festival?

Our world-class faculty, guest artists and lecturers, and staff are dedicated to helping you learn how to perform new music, how to program it, and how to have fun doing it!

Orchestral instrumentalists will perform alongside faculty in the American Modern Orchestra in prominent contemporary orchestra repertoire, and partake in 2-4 world premieres for orchestra. You will work with composers and conductors collaborating in brand new music. AMO also hosts two reading sessions that contain around 10-15 new orchestral works written by participants in the composition program. These are conducted by the conducting participants. (The reading sessions are in addition to the regular orchestra rehearsals.)

What about outside of orchestra?
In addition to weekly lessons, masterclasses, lectures, and seminars, participants also have the opportunity to perform in up to 3 chamber music concerts. Chamber music may be selected from the 20th century and forward. About a month before the festival you will be given access to the participant directory to create your own chamber ensemble. From there you can assemble your own group and fill out the Chamber Concert Signup form to schedule a performance of your group's work. For chamber music at Mostly Modern we put you in the driver seat!

+ I'm applying for the Guitar, Saxophone, or Piano Program. What will I learn about new music?

These programs offer a variety of chamber music performances, lessons, masterclasses, and lectures. Our faculty are new music experts and will introduce you to the world of performance practice, techniques, and entrepreunrial skills. For subject and topic matter head on over to our Institute Events page.

+ What about vocalists?

Vocalists will perform at least one 20th/21st Century aria, song cycle or art song on 2 seperate concerts. Twice weekly lessons, masterclasses with the vocal faculty, and workshops on entrepreneurship, marketing, learning new music, extended techniques and more. You will receive a multicamera shot video link, and high quality WAV audio file to go home with and use on your website and social media.

+ Outside of performance, what can I expect?

  1. Every participant that leaves Mostly Modern will receive a multicamera shot video link, and high quality WAV audio file to go home with and use on your website and social media. This is recorded professionaly by our engineers.
  2. You will meet fellow artists in all of our programs in a beautiful setting. We encourage you to connect and make meaningfuly artistic relationships and friendships you might otherwise not find!
  3. At Mostly Modern you will be welcomed by our faculty inside and outside of rehearsal. As a community we encourage our faculty and partipants to hangout and get to know eachother outside of the program.