Top 10 Reasons Why Mostly Modern Should Be Your #1 Choice

1. Performances

All singers and instrumentalists will perform 3 concerts, along-side top LA and NYC musicians in the orchestra & choir, and also perform chamber music with musicians from around the world. Composers will receive pro-performances from Imani Winds, Euclid String Quartet, Atlantic Brass Quintet, AME , AMChoir and/or AMOrchestra. There is also an orchestra reading session for composers (2 composers chosen for full rehearsals & performance with AMOrchestra).

2. Recordings

You will all leave with top-of-the-line video and audio recordings, and have access to YouTube links for wide-promotional use. Unlike some summer festivals that either don’t give out recordings, charge extra for recordings, or where the recordings are of low to medium quality, these recordings will be fantastic, completed by July 30th, 2018, with our dedicated audio/video media manager, Ian Blau, who will be on campus for the entire festival.

3. Orchestral Readings for Composers

Most summer festivals only offer chamber readings, workshops, or maybe performances. At MMF, up to 20 composers receive orchestral readings of their works by the American Modern Orchestra (AMO), and 2 composers are picked to have their orchestral piece fully rehearsed and performed by AMOrchestra. Readings are audio recorded, and composers will receive WAV audio files within a month after the festival.

4. Faculty

The artist faculty at MMF are some of the top performers, ensembles, conductors, and composers from around the United States. All of these artists either teach at prestigious universities and/or have outstanding connections, and most importantly, they are all musicians who work in the real-world and offer sage advice from the 'outside'.

5. Facilities

All our concerts take place at  the stunning Arthur Zankel Music Center, a brand-new hall that is simply one of the most beautiful acoustics in New York State (including NYC, built by and in likeness of  Zankel Hall from Carnegie Hall in NYC).

6. Close to Major Cities

Getting to the festival is easy. Saratoga Springs is 3 hours from New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and Montreal, via Amtrak train or car and parking is FREE.

7. The Town of Saratoga Springs, Hiking Trails and the Adirondack Mountains

Historic Saratoga Springs is gorgeous with Victorian homes and beautiful stores & shopping and a vibrant, delicious restaurant & bar scene. If you enjoy nature & quiet, you’ll love Skidmore College and the surrounding area. Saratoga Springs is known for it’s natural springs and is loaded with hiking trails and parks. There are FREE campus bikes which may be used by everyone at MMF and the downtown is 1 mile from campus. There are also buses on the half hour and/or bring your car: parking is FREE.

8. Excellent Food and Great Accommodations

If you are spending two weeks at a festival, the last thing you want to deal with is horrible food and an uncomfortable bed. The MMF designated residence halls at Skidmore College, Wiecking Hall and Kimball Hall, are clean, safe, and comfortable. The food is amazing and includes a variety of cuisines from around the world, and many choices for those with dietary needs such as gluten free, vegetarian and vegan. There is also Starbucks coffee on campus. Click here to view a detailed description and dining hall gallery.

9. It’s Just The Right Length

Many summer programs are either way too long or, not long enough. With a two-week festival, you’ll have an incredible experience, but also have the time and opportunity to do other activities during the summer.

10. Scholarships, Work Study And RA Positions Available

All applicants may apply for help with tuition.

BONUS: MMF is Run By A Seasoned Staff

The festival is founded by Robert & Victoria Paterson, two pioneers in the New Music and the Classical/Broadway scene for over 15 years in New York City. They are joined by a stellar faculty and staff who will be on-campus with you, mingling with everyone at rehearsals and performances, and in the dining hall every day. You will feel connected and taken care of at Mostly Modern!