Collaborate, Learn and Explore Contemporary Music Today.

All levels of interest and experience in new music are welcome! Mostly Modern is the place to explore and learn about contemporary classical music in a welcoming setting.

The Mostly Modern Festival has been the most comprehensive, vital and vivacious music festival devoted to recent music that I’ve ever been a part of. The vast array of music presented and performed in a 3 week space is invigorating and wide-ranging. MMF is definitely a wonderfully unique celebration of both 21st century music and underperformed, or underrated 20th century repertoire. I know of no other festival that explores all of this music more thoroughly, and with such gusto.
Mostly Modern Festival is the standard-bearer for new music festivals. All others are looking up to Saratoga Springs to see how it’s done!
The festival was magnificently run. Everyone that I spoke with were enthusiastic. I was charmed by everything: the friendliness, the expertise of the performances and the general level of professionalism.
I really enjoyed interacting informally with the composers. Lots of informative discussions about music, composing, and writing for my instrument took place over meals in the Dining Hall!
No words can convey my gratitude. This has been life-changing.
I performed a great deal and learned a lot especially on extended technique. I made awesome friends who I likely to stay in touch for a very long time. All in all - it was a blast!
A wonderfully comprehensive and exhilarating tour de force of exceptional music-making and collaborative energy that was truly inspiring!
My ears and eyes were opened through the Mostly Modern Festival’s opportunities to engage with orchestras, chamber music, vocal music, and new, experimental compositions. My knowledge of old and new repertoire has grown, and I’ve begun new collaborations with fantastic musicians who are lovely people.
Mostly Modern opened my eyes to what it means to be a contemporary musician. Attending the festival I felt embraced in a warm community of pioneers and advocates for tomorrow’s music.
This festival is a MUST attend for those wanting to explore the joys of modern music.
Mostly modern is one of the most creative and supportive communities of students and professionals that I have experienced in classical music. In addition to the incredible musical experiences at the festival, I just keep on hearing about all the collaborations for the future that are emerging. I myself even already commissioned pieces. But even more it is incredible the gift Mostly Modern has given the composers.
New music now has a home for the summer.
Invigorating for performers, conductors, and composers in the most picturesque setting! I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to work with the faculty who were equally passionate about teaching and new music. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at MMF and will definitely be applying next summer!
What a joy and privilege to spend such quality time, with brilliant musicians, really working on new music.
Getting the chance to meet people from various facets of the music world is extremely valuable. Not only does it allow for different perspectives, but also opens your eyes to other possibilities!
The Mostly Modern Festival has succeeded in creating the perfect environment for new music and creativity. An absolute must for composers and performers alike!

About Skidmore & Saratoga springs

The campus is beautiful. The food in the main cafeteria was great overall - I especially liked the variety of food options, the freshness and the ability to cook your own eggs on a grill. It was great that each student got their own room! The town is just lovely, I went downtown anytime I had more than an hour’s break just to sit in the park or window shop. So many great food options!
I performed a great deal and learned a lot especially on extended technique. I made awesome friends who I likely to stay in touch for a very long time. All in all - it was a blast! The music center is top notch!
Having your own, single room, was extremely nice as well as being able to practice in it - most festivals don’t have this perk, so I really enjoyed it!
Between rehearsals, concerts, game nights, hikes, and nights out on the town, we all became an MMF family. We pushed four big tables together at dinner and still didn’t have enough room for all the friends!
The environment was very welcoming and beautiful! Definitely enjoyed all the food and loved all the nature of the campus.
It’s a great location. Zankel Hall is beautiful, and the campus is relatively easy to navigate. The dining Hall offered a good selection of different foods, and the residence hall had communal spaces which I appreciated in being able to connect with other festival musicians.
Nothing was longer than a 6-minute walk away. It’s a very peaceful environment, suitable for an intense musical retreat.
It was an all-encompassing homey feeling. Skidmore does a great job with everything they do, as does MMF staff!