Piano Program • fellowship & Scholarships available

DEADLINE: MARCH 1, 2020 $130


Tuition Includes:

  • Private Lessons: one 55-minute private lesson with each of the three piano faculty members.

  • Collaborative performances: at least two guaranteed ensemble performances with either American Modern Orchestra (AMO), and/or chamber music and/or a piano vocal concert. So for example, you may perform on one chamber concert and one vocal concert, or one chamber and one orchestral, etc. Note that not all pianists will get to perform within the orchestra, or with vocalists, etc. Placement is at the discretion of the faculty and in consultation with the accepted participants.

  • Solo performance: all pianists perform a solo on a piano program. This can consist of solos, piano duos, or piano ensembles, but not general mixed instrumentation chamber music. Repertoire will be chosen in consultation with the piano faculty.

  • Recordings: all concerts audio and video recorded. Audio files available to all participants by the end of July each summer, as well as links to videos posted on the MMF YouTube Channel which can be freely shared and embedded.

  • Masterclasses: attend and optional participation in three masterclasses, one by each of the piano faculty member, in which pianists play repertoire and/or excerpts, coached by each faculty member. These are closed to the institute community and general population.

  • Seminars: attend three seminars, one by each piano faculty member, and access to other seminars by other faculty members as time permits. See the Institute Events schedule for a list of seminars and other Institute events. Seminars include the following (subject to change):

    • Geoffrey Burleson
      Improvisation Workshop: Approaches, Styles, and the Composition-Improvisation Continuum
      This workshop will include elements of both jazz and “free” improvisation, and explore the fluidity between the realms of pre-meditated composition and more spontaneous improvisation. No previous improvisation experience required!
      Swiftly Decoding the Score: Learning Contemporary Piano Music Quickly, Efficiently and Thoroughly
      This seminar explores how to adapt an efficient method for learning sometimes very difficult piano scores quickly, which can be accomplished via techniques of segmentation, “tempo testing”, and well-developed sight-reading facility.

    • Anthony de Mare
      Extended Piano Techniques, and the Speaking/Singing Pianist Genre (Contemporary Piano Techniques, Part I)
      This workshop/seminar provides the context for exploring alternative contemporary performance practices and interpretive strategies involving extended techniques inside the piano, including the prepared piano. Works accompanied by electronic media and deciphering scores involving alternative notation are also explored, in addition to the speaking/singing pianist genre, highlighting significant works written in this style from the past 25 years.
      Creative Entrepreneurial Programming in Today's Concert World
      Young musicians today are very eager to explore ways in which they can make a difference in the concert world. This seminar explores creative programming strategies using innovative and imaginative repertoire, developing programs for specific cities and presenting organizations, while also shining a light on each pianist's individual performing strengths and hidden talents.

    • Blair McMillen
      Prepare That! (Contemporary Piano Techniques, Part II)
      This seminar will focus on recent prepared piano music, and the prepared piano’s influence on jazz, pop, television/film music, and technology. We’ll look at music by Vivian Fung, George Crumb, Jason Moran, and Hauschka. Hands-on preparing included.
      Going Marketing - Negotiating the Music Biz
      Whether we like to admit it or not, a life in music is directly linked to how much behind-the-scenes work is put into it. This will be a presentation/open discussion, about something musicians all have to do: self-manage our careers. How is the job market, really? What are presenters looking for? Where and what should you play? How do you secure a residency? Where do you look for new venues? Who do you approach? Questions, answers, and advice.

  • Concerto Competition: option to apply for our MMF Concerto Competition. Two winners will be chosen each season to perform a concerto with orchestra during the following season.

  • All-Access Pass: one all-access pass to all concerts and applicable Institute Events at the festival.

  • Welcome Party, Opening and Closing night parties!

Room and Board Includes:

Scholarships, Work Study, and Resident Advisor (RA) positions are available.Those awarded a work study or RA position will be required to attend the festival a day early for orientation. All three options may be selected during the application process.

Tuition: $2,950
Room and Board: $2,550

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