Composition Program Application • Scholarships available

Festival and Institute Dates: June 9-29, 2019

Early Deadline: December 1, 2019
Priorty Deadline: (Priority Consideration for Fellowship) January 15, 2020
Deadline: February 1, 2020


  • Up to 30 composers will receive professional performances by either the American Modern Ensemble (AME), or one of the 3 Guest Ensembles, Euclid String Quartet, Akropolis Quintet or Atlantic Brass Quintet. Pieces may not exceed 8 minutes in performance duration.

  • Up to 15 composers will have the opportunity to receive an orchestral reading with the American Modern Orchestra (AMO) or a piece (or excerpt or movement from a larger work) that is up to 7 minutes. Composers who take part in the orchestral readings receive un-edited audio recordings (no video) of their readings (editing available for an additional fee). Two composers are chosen for an orchestral performance of their work with AMOrchestra. More information on the readings available here. Pieces may not exceed 8 minutes in performance duration.

  • All composers receive rehearsals of their chamber works, a dress rehearsal, and performance.

  • Composers receive an archival audio WAV file and a link to a 4 camera-shot video of their chamber work via the MMF YouTube Channel.

  • All-access pass to everything at the festival.

  • Private lessons/meetings with the Composition Faculty. Meetings/lessons are generally taught in pairs with two composition participants per 55 minute slot. Additional meetings/lessons available at the discretion of the composition faculty.

  • Welcome Party, Opening and Closing night parties!


Scholarships, Work Study, and Resident Advisor (RA) positions are available. Those awarded a work study or RA position will be required to attend the festival a day early for orientation. All three options may be selected during the application process.

Tuition: $3,250

Room and board: $1,950

up to 4 participants Only
Tuition: $2,450
Room and Board: $650

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